My mission is to help you with any marketing, sales or business decisions you may have. I can be an adviser, a sounding board or I can jump in and help you get some work done and wine sold.

Below a short list of topics I can work on and a few questions worth asking

Brand Strategy

  • Is your brand well positioned to sell to your target customers?
  • How can we strengthen your brand to increase recognition and customer loyalty (sales!)

Brand building & development

  • What is your brand identity? What is your story?
  • How are you communicating it?
  • Is your "brand universe" consistent?

Marketing strategy

  • Evaluate your market and target customers
  • Are your products adapted to both your market and target?
  • What strategies can we develop to best promote your products?

Marketing communication

  • How is your communication with the trade? With your mailing list?
  • Can we improve both to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Sales strategy & business development

  • Evaluate your current situation and sales channels to define axis of growth

Direct sales

  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Are you exploiting this sales channel at its best?


  • Are you utilizing visits and events to create brand loyalty and generate sales?

Wine club

  • How is your wine club program? Can we improve it to better fulfill your customers needs and their loyalty to your brand?